Best Guide for How to Start an Essay

Every time the word essay comes up, many students think of it as daunting and time consuming task and they rush to seek help from essay writing services. Well, starting an essay can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not inspired and organized well. Finding an essay writing service may be the obvious option at this moment.

So, when your tutor asks you to write an essay, you need to start with an introduction, which is the point you state your main points, capture the readers attention and state your essay writing journey.

It should not be boring or too formal. Remember, the start of an essay serves to introduce your essay to readers. By now you know that the introduction of your essay can either capture or bore the reader depending on the structure you have choosen. Remember, you need ensure that you keep the audience in mind and write for them to grab their attention which is a one of the main aim of our essay writing tips. If you want to know how start an essay with a bang you can seek help from different essay writing services.

That said, here are some essay writing tips to consider.

An Anecdote

Including facts that your audience can relate with can be a good way to start essay writing. Some may think that including an anecdote might be humorous, but it doesn't mean that the whole essay should be funny. A little humor will grab the reader's attention and make them develop some interest in the topic.

Example: Just imagine, long, long ago, when Internet was not invented and people had to go to the store to buy what they want.

Tell an interesting experience and use it to kick start your essay.

A literary quote

You have chosen an interest topic, a good essay writing service and you are set to start writing an essay. Look for specific authors that have discussed the same topic and select those that have addressed a different perspective from what you have discussed. Include such a quote in your essay and the reader will develop interest to learn more.

A literary quote can be used in an Argumentative essay. However, the writer should ensure that the quote should relate to the theme of the essay.

Example: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Set a detailed scene

If you are keen enough, you will note that people respond positively to visual cues. Giving a good description of something, an incident or a person will create a picture in the mind of a reader. This shows that you have captured their attention.

For example: Deciding to climb Mt Everest, which is the tallest mountain in the world, was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made."

Quotes from famous people

Start your essay with an interesting quote from a famous and influential person depending on your audience. This will help create an intriguing idea to the reader. Remember, the goal here is to ensure that you clearly show how the quote is related to the essay.

For example: Mahatma Gandhi said, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

An Interesting Fact or Definition

An interesting statement used at the beginning of an essay acts as a good thrilller and surprises the reader with something unexpected but factual. Include an interesting fact or definition in your essay to keep the reader engaged until the end.

For example: "If you found a good way to extract all the gold from the bubbling core of our planet, you would be able to cover the entire land in a layer of gold up to the knees."

Pose an intruguing question

There is nothing that can attract the readers attention better than a well-structured question. Many essay writing services use frequently asked questions to attract customers and solve their problems. Similarly, when you ask questions, readers will want to discover their answer. In fact, you should include a question that do not have a simple "yes" or "no" answer. Look for questions that will ensgage the reader in some critical thinking to keep them interested in reading your essay.

For example: Have you ever wondered whether playing a lot of video games can make people more intelligent?

State your essay

When writing your essay, it is good to go direct to the point. Start by stating your main argument and include a detailed report to support your main points. A good essay will discuss an interesting subject, where readers will find it easy to understand how you arrived at your topic of discussion.

Example: "People need to invest more time and money in environmental conservation because it is on its path to destruction."

Include a Misconception

Do you know that including something that teaches the readers something new is the most interesting way to start an essay? In fact, if you begin your introduction by showing that a common truth is actually false, will be a perfect way to grab the reader's attention and they will want to learn more.

Example: While it is believed that you lose your body heat faster through your hand, experts refer to it as a myth and claim that humans would be cold if they went out without a hat and the same would happen if they went without trousers.


People tend to believe facts especially when they appear at the beginning of an essay. Using some shocking but realistic statistics will grab the reader's attention and create some interest that will be carried throughout the essay. They want to keep reading since they cannot believe the information is true.

Example "Over 75% of all Internet Users use social media."

"About 70% of college students living in California do not graduate."