How to Find the Best Essay Service to Pay for Essay Online

Students are always going to struggle with their essays. It is part of being in college and university. If students were not struggling with their essays, then parents and government figures would say they are too easy. 

Essays were designed to be difficult, which is fine, but there are times when a student’s work gets on top of him or her. There are times when the student needs help, and times when the student is too close to the deadline to complete a good paper. That is when pay for essay services come into play. When students pay for essay online services, they should get a custom essay that they can hand in as their own.

The only problem is that some companies are better than others are. Which does a student choose? It is too big of a decision to make on a whim, and very few students give testimonials because they are worried about being caught themselves. So, what do students do? The answer is that they turn to essay writing service review websites. Here are reviews of the top five essay writing services I have ever used.


The writing team for RushMyEssays is one of the best in the business. I even later learned that one of the writers I used had been published in the academic press. I first used their service when a virus took my essay, so I hopped on my sister’s computer and got my essay back within 48 hours, which gave me plenty of time to check it over before handing it in. Suffice it to say that I was very impressed.

Service Quality
I like the fact that they are consistently good at what they do. My first experience with them wasn’t a one-off. They produce good-quality work consistently irrespective of the writer they put on your project. I was also pleased that their efforts allowed me to catch up with the other students in the class because I studied while they wrote my essay.

You can expect their lowest ten-day prices to be around $19.99 to $23.99 per page, and their more expensive three day prices are around $41.99 to $52.99 per page. You can try their quote tool to get your own price.

Order 15-50 pages and get a 5% discount, order 51-100 pages and get a 10% discount, and order 100+ pages to get a 15% discount. Enter the discount code “Rush22” and they give you a 22% discount on your first order.

Customer Support 
Their customer service department is very professional and I was very pleased with the service they gave. I would happily suggest that any students contact them if they have any questions or concerns.

What's Special About This Service?
Their name, Rush My Essay, is very appropriate. They are good when it comes to getting your essay back to you, but they are fantastic when it comes to getting your essay done very quickly with a short deadline.


They offer a reasonable price for a very superior service. They have a good online reputation that they have built over several years. Every essay is custom written, which means every one is 100% unique. You can choose your own deadline up to ten days for standard essays, and they do not rewrite or re-sell old essays. They also have a no-quibble amendment policy.

Service Quality
It is obvious that their writers keep up with the most recent curriculums because they mentioned new things we were taught in our year. They were fantastic when I was too ill to complete my essay, and every part of their essay was original. I was pleased to see their payment system is very secure, and that the service is in confidentiality (as all are on this essay writing service list).

There are prices that start as low as $19.99 per page. That is for their ten-day deadline, which is the longest. The shortest deadline is three-hours and those prices are around $51.99 and $57.99 per page.

Click the widget that advertises $20 off your first order, and they apply the discount code “super20” to your order. Or, you can become a ruby or diamond member and get discounts of 10% and 15% off your orders.

Customer Support
I was very pleased with their customer support. I felt that they dealt with me in a very professional and positive manner that made me feel as if I wasn’t being an imposition. It was also very easy to get in touch.

What's Special About This Service?
I think their lack of surprises probably stood out the most. They did what they said they were going to do without hidden fees, obligatory extras, or the need for amendments.


I like the fact the writers know what will score highly and that like the others on this list they explicitly give me the rights to the work so I may use it as I wish. You do not have to sign in or create an account to use their quotation tool, and they made special arrangements for my short deadline. They have a large team of writers and each has a degree, so you are in professional hands.

Service Quality
They offer a very good service without any form of hidden fee or charge. You do not have to wait for your quote because it comes in real time, and they have an in-house proofreading team that checks your work before it comes across to you. They do not use templates of any sort and each essay is backed with academic research so that the work itself is academically credible.

Use their quoting tool to get your own quote. Prices range from $19.99 to $23.99 per page and $41.99 and $52.99 per page, but it all depends on what deadline you pick and the quality of the work you want in return.

Use the discount code, “20Essay” and you get a massive 20% off your first order. You can also order your work in bulk for bigger discounts. For example, order enough pages and you can get as much as another 15% off your project.

Customer Support
They have a dedicated customer support team that is able to get you answers to your questions very quickly. I was pleased with how professionally they dealt with my questions and felt they almost over-willing to help, which I suppose is part of their training.

What's Special About This Service?
They have obviously read all the things I was currently reading at the time because they did my work within a very short deadline and yet they included all entries in the reading list I gave them. They couldn’t have done this if they hadn’t read the material already.


The thing I like about this company is that they always hit their deadlines very easily, and many times they send me stuff through a little earlier without charging me extra. Their writers clearly understand the concepts behind the work they are doing. You can tell they are not just regurgitating the things in my textbooks. They clearly get it, and that helps make me look better when I hand the work in as my own.

Service Quality
All of their writers are writers for a living. They do not hire part timers or freelancers, and their writers’ commitment to their work is clearly evident in the essays they produce. All of their writers are in-house, which again fosters a feeling of commitment on their behalf, and the best thing is that you never have to talk to your writer (or anybody) because it is all done online.

Their prices are $30.01 to $37.52 per page if you ask for their longest deadline of ten days. Their shortest deadline is three hours, but those pages will cost you between $78.06 and $87.07 because they have to be done a lot quicker, which is more difficult.

Their most obvious discount is their 20% off with their “20Start” discount code. They also have a bunch of free features that may save you a lot of money. Check their prices page for further details.

Customer Support
It is easier to click the questions button/tab on the bottom right of the screen to get through to the customer service department. It is very easy to communicate with them and get the answers you need--ergo I have no complaints.

What's Special About This Service?
They say they test their writers before they hire them, which I just assumed was more marketing fluff that essay writing services come out with, but they do seem to have a level of professionalism that suggests extra testing or at least additional training before and/or after employment.


They guarantee 100% satisfaction every time, and so far with my experiences and the ones of my friends--I can’t really call them liars. I also like their friendly customer service department, and the fact that they offer a free quote without any obligation. Their work is good on a consistent basis and I once set up a deal with them for progressive delivery of a larger project, so they may do the same for you if you have a very large order.

Service Quality
You can hand in the work as your own because it will be good enough, or you can use it to learn from and create your own essay. They have very fair prices offer a dependable service. Plus, all essays are purged from their system once they are done. They are able to write a great number of different types of essays, and always produce top-notch stuff.

The prices depend on the number of pages, the type of essay, and the deadline, but you can expect to pay as little as $21.98 per page, and $60.99 per page. You can get a free quote from their website.

Order over certain amounts and you get discounts that run from 5% off to 15% off. You can make up to $65 of savings with their free features, and they have a starter discount of 15% if it is your first time.

Customer Support
I rarely use their customer service department, but I know their live chat function works, and that their free phone numbers allow students to get through at any time of the day.

What's Special About This Service?
I like the fact they use high-scoring and academically credible sources for their essays. I don’t know where they are able to dig them up, but my professor loves from so I have no complaints and no reason to worry when I use their service. 

Finally, if you need a good uk assignment service you can check link above. Good luck!

Best Guide for How to Start an Essay

Every time the word essay comes up, many students think of it as daunting and time consuming task and they rush to seek help from essay writing services. Well, starting an essay can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not inspired and organized well. Finding an essay writing service may be the obvious option at this moment.

So, when your tutor asks you to write an essay, you need to start with an introduction, which is the point you state your main points, capture the readers attention and state your essay writing journey.

Global Warming: What Have We Done to Our Planet?

The Timelapse project, powered by Google in collaboration with Time Magazine and scientific organizations, offers a clear presentation of the changes global warming has made to our planet. We can see how Las Vegas grew from 1986 to this very day, and we get a clear presentation of the transformation of Dubai – the megacity that arose from a humble fishing village. The issue of global warming, which has been attracting attention for decades, is visualized through the Timelapse projec that shows the consequences of human activity to Earth. The growth of the cities may seem impressive in terms of urbanization and globalization, but the presentation of lakes and rivers drying up is greatly disturbing.

In 2014, the World Meteorological Organization started publishing videos with weather reports from the future. According to their reports, if the trend of continuous increase in greenhouse gas emissions continues, the average temperature of the lower atmosphere could rise by 4℃ by the end of our century. People may adapt to such changes, but the extreme weather conditions will disturb our ecosystem with droughts, floods, and storms. The dramatic weather reports from 2015, presented with this project, showcase low temperature, heavy rainfall, and environmental disasters.

When we monitor isolated extreme cases of environmental issues, we cannot identify global warming as their cause. Floods, storms, and tsunamis have happened throughout the entire history of our planet. However, when we approach today’s weather conditions in a broader context, we can understand that the shifts in temperature aren’t based on bad luck. They are a consequence of global warming. After last year’s climate reports, which confirmed that 2015 was unlike any other year in human history, the fact that the first month of 2016 brought more surprises is highly disturbing. January 2016 was the warmest January since 1880, the first year we have measurable data from.

The average temperature in January 2016 was 1.13℃, which exceeded the previous record of 0.95℃ measured in January 2007. Although the weather events on Earth are determined by solar energy, we cannot blame the Sun for the climate changes we are witnessing today. The greatest factor that influences our environment is the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The emissions from fossil fuels limit the release of energy in the universe. As a result, the carbon dioxide is trapped into the air. Humans and their actions are the main cause of the atmospheric and environmental changes on our planet.

People understand they are responsible for the emissions of fossil fuels, which cause the extreme weather conditions that affect their own wellbeing. However, most of them are not ready to abandon the comfort of modern transportation and house maintenance. If we keep closing our eyes before the facts, the global warming will cause damage that will make the lives of future generations miserable. Scientists predict the Arctic Ocean to be left without most of its summer ice by 20200. The melting can lead to slow release of the methane trapped under the East Siberian Sea. If the methane is released through a single discharge, the effects to our environment will be catastrophic. Methane, as one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, will lead to greater global warming, which means that our planet will face more droughts, greater floods, and higher sea levels. We are aware of the environmental effects we are causing. Now, we have no other option but to start changing our lifestyles for the sake of preventing future climate disasters.

You can choose the best writing service to write a marvelous essay for you here

Why it is so Important to Read Reviews on Essay Writing Services

So, why it is so important to read essay services reviews before paying for your essay to an essay service?

If you are going to pay for essay services, then it is best to shop around and do your research first. 

The last thing you want is to use a company that cannot do the work, or worse still, a company that plagiarizes their work. If you read reviews you can at least see which essay writing services are producing good stuff and which ones are incapable of doing the work they are being sent. It is also an easy way to research because review websites tend to have a bunch of different reviews in the same place so you don’t have to search around.

If you are going to pay for essays, you do not want a company that plagiarizes, but a poor quality company may not plagiarize verbatim. This means that if you run their work through a plagiarism checker it will come back clean. What a poor quality company may do is rewrite an essay they have found online, and even though you will not know, your professor will recognize a rewrite--especially if other students have used the same service or have re-written the same essay. Use a review website to see which companies are producing 100% original stuff.

A review website is going to tell you which websites and website essay writing companies are working to their deadlines. When you pay for an essay, you expect it back on time, but some essay writing services use freelancers and part-timers that have little vested interest in getting your work to you on time. They do not mind if they miss your deadline because to them it is no big deal. To you it is a big deal, so you need to look at essay service review sites to see which companies are letting students down.

When you pay for an essay online service of any description, you need to be sure you are able to do it in confidentiality. A review website will tell you which companies are making your participation public, and which are keeping it a secret. The last thing you want is your professor looking online and seeing that you used the service. 

There are even some companies that censor your details so that even if they are hacked there is no way your details or information will be released to the general public. Consider looking at reviews to be part of your due diligence process. You are doing it to check out the service you may one-day use because you are going to have to trust them, and trust shouldn’t be given away easily.

How Essay Services Work

To start with, you need to research and find the best writing service you can. If you start out by hiring a poor quality essay writing service, then you are already in trouble. 

Firstly, do your research to find the best possible essay writing service and then make your order. Get yourself a quote from the company. It is usually very easy. All you need to do is find a quotation tool or function and run through your project details. Many of the best essay writing services will offer a free quotation tool that you can use whenever you like without having to sign up for anything and without any obligation to buy.

Once you have made your quote and you are happy with it, then you may move forwards. However, it is a good idea to check around the website to see if there are any discount codes you can use. Apply any discounts and place your order. You will have to give a few details about yourself and your project before you are able to submit your project. You will need to give them all the details of your right away. This means digging through all of your material and giving them all the information that you were given to complete your essay.

Include your own notes if you wish, include all the essay questions, marking guides and any reading lists that your professor gave you. Now all you have to do is wait for your essay to be written. You will have chosen your deadline so you will know what it is coming. If you have chosen a good essay writing service, they will get your essay to you on time or even before the due date. You will receive your essay via your email inbox in most cases. Many essay-writing services use this way of sending over essays because it is easier and usually the most secure way of doing it.

Once your essay is sent over to you, it is your job to check it over. You may then add your name to it and send it in. If your professor has some sort of problem with it or wants any changes, then a good essay writing service will offer amendments for no extra charge. Also, whilst you are making your order, if there is a certain format or structure to your work that you need included, then tell the writing service and in most cases they will format your work for free. 

Common Mistakes of Essay Writing

Not planning your essay is the most common mistake that students make. They complain that they cannot think of anything to write when they are faced with a blank word processor sheet, but that is because they are going about it all wrong. If they were to write a plan first, then they would be full of ideas and un-intimidated by the blank word processor sheet.

Make your plan up in bullet points

You do not need to make massive paragraphs full of notes for your plan. It can be as simple as a bullet point list. You do not have to worry about the bullet points being descriptive or making sense because you are the only one that is going to use them (and you know what they mean).

Just note research references in your plan

If there is a good point in a textbook or journal, then make a bullet point for it and then add the reference details so you can find it again when you need it. Even if you have not read the research correctly yet and only “suspect” it will be helpful, then just note the reference information and go back to it later.

Re-Read your question numerous times

Many students go off track when they write their essays and one of the main reasons is that they do not remember the essay questions correctly. It is not just about the writing process, it is also about the research process. You need the questions firm in your mind as you research, or the research will start to take you in directions that lead away from the point of your essay.

Proofreading too early is a common mistake

When a professional writer creates something, the first draft is often awful. It is full of needless things, full of errors, inconsistencies and grammatical mistakes. You need to write your first draft in full before you even consider checking it. Once you have check it over for things such as balancing, weight and accuracy error--then and only then should you start thinking about the spelling and grammar.

Some students fluff up their work

This is a very common mistake because some students run out of ideas and try to pad their work with meaningless word count. This is the worst thing you can do. If anything, you should over-write and then trim your work down. Why not add 1000 words to the word count and write that. For example, if your word count is supposed to be 3000 words, then make it 4000 words, then when you are done you can trim down the work so that only the good stuff remains. 

How to Write an Essay

How to write an essay
Writing an essay is easy, writing a good essay is very difficult. The first thing you should do is get a marking guide. Some professors hand them out, but if he or she doesn’t, then enter your essay questions into Google and search the results. You will usually find the marking guide that some student has put on the Internet to help out his or her fellow students.

Plan your essay

Do it with bullet points and by making notes of your research resources. Do not do too much research at this point. Just give yourself a vague idea of where you are going with your essay and the points you are planning on adding.

Research your essay topic

Always make notes as you research. Do not read a bunch of texts for an hour and then try to make notes. Make small notes when you see relevant points and add page numbers and reference information so you can reference said facts or information in your essay reference section.

Write a very rough first draft

You need to allow your creative side to come out, which means you cannot be too concerned with spelling and grammar. You cannot be all that concerned about coherence either. If there are modular sections that do not seem to connect with the rest of the work, then just go with it and fix it all when you have finished.

Start your essay the first day you get it

The best way to avoid procrastination is to actually make a start on the essay the same day your professor gives it to you. That way, in your mind you view it an uncompleted task rather than a task you need to do. It is harder to procrastinate in this situation, and therefore you are more likely to finish the work long before the deadline. Rushed essays are the worst essays.

Proofread in sections

Take it a paragraph at a time. If you try to proofread in large doses, then you will find yourself going into skim-read or automatic proofreading mode and you will miss things. It is very easy to go into skim-reading mode when checking your own work because you already know what it is going to say, which makes skim-reading the natural next step.

Finally, once you have proofread, go over your work and check for everything that looks like it may be a fact. Find a reference for that fact or piece of information because your professor will probably lower your marks if you make seemingly factual claims that you cannot back up.